What do I mean with agile “multidisciplinary team”?

We return with items that I see, live and experience with agile methodologies. And now it’s up to the multidisciplinary teams, something that much has been written, and with many different visions.

If we follow the general concept, and in which many think, a multidisciplinary team is a team of generalists, which everyone knows to do any task needed to complete the sprint. This has a number of benefits that are obvious

  • Avoid bottlenecks
  • Facilitate communication of knowledge across the project team
  • We have multiple views on one point

And more benefits that we could go.

However, there are things we lose, as may be specialized knowledge to a particular topic.

Besides, it is quite difficult to find a good team of generalists in all the tasks that may arise in a sprint, remember that we will perform tasks ranging from front-ends of applications, databases, application deployments, etc. etc.

Therefore, in my view, to achieve a multidisciplinary team I rely on another approach. To me a computer so the computer I have, working as one, and you have all the knowledge needed to sprint, does not mean that everyone knows how to do everything.

Here we take advantage of special knowledge of any member of the team, it would be naive to believe a team of specialists only. In a team of specialists only shudder to think of the possible struggles of egos, and the struggles of each in his field.

Not bad to have a team of some experts in the fields we need, and people more generally. As long as they work as one, collaborate with each other and have all the ultimate goal of course sprint. And of course, all the team must have, at very least, a general knowledge about everything which is needed to accomplish the objective of the sprint, so we avoid big bottlenecks, and “islands” of knowledge.

And eye specialist when I’m not talking about people who can do only one thing, people, the more we know better, but then we have a more specific skill, as I said a friend of mine, specialization is for flies, humans we know many things.

General knowledge is very rewarding, and the more varied in theme, more enriching, but also know a lot about something and have much experience in it, allowing us to save not only familiar situations, if not deal with our guns unknown problems.

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