Documenting our Test Plans with Microsoft Test Manager

If you already know Microsoft Test Manager, you will know that it is a great tool to manage our plans for functional testing, however, to check the information concerning the plans for testing of a project in Team Foundation Server, we need the tool itself, connectivity to the TFS server, and go checking each of the Test Suites. This is all very well for the day to day, but there are times in which we have to share this information or make documentation of these plans (Yes, there is also documentation on agile projects).

To generate this documentation, our test plan,  and executions, in the visual Studio Gallery, we have a very useful tool: Test Scribe, which you can download it from here:

Once downloaded and installed on Microsoft Test Manager, we will have a new option in the main menu: Tools


From this section, we can make two main actions: a test plan documentation and obtain a report from an execution.

Documenting the test plan


In this option that we will do is, select a test plan for the project from Team Foundation Server to which we are connected and press the Generate button.

This leads us to a Microsoft Word document in which we have all the details of the test plan selected, this includes information such as:

  • The hierarchy of Test Suites
  • All the tests and their steps that make up the test plan
  • Settings to try

Ultimately a quite complete overview of the test plan.

Summary of implementation


With this option, select an execution of tests, either manual or automated, and will generate us a report that includes information such as:

  • Executed tests
  • A result of the tests
  • Defects found
  • Details of executions

Ultimately these reports they provide very interesting information, and what is best, in a format that podemso share and consult without having to be connected to our Team Foundation Server.

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