News: SP1 for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2010 and unlimited Load Testing

Two great news today for MSDN subscribers Smile

First one, the Service Pack 1 for Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio 2010 is available from today, as always, it has some improvements, but also hundred of bug fixes, so, if you are using any of this tool, go to MSDN Download Site, and start downloading them for installing. The SP1 for Visual Studio 2010 also includes bug fixing for Microsoft Test Manager, if you have used it, you will know it has some memory leaks, as well as other bugs.

To check what includes this updates, you can check this links:

And the other great news is a change in the virtual user licensing for MSDN subscribers. Till now if you want to do load testing with more than 250 virtual users, you had to buy additional packs of virtual users license, but now, in your MSDN subscription you have the option of getting a key to access unlimited virtual users for load testing with Visual Studio 2010.

This is the 5th feature pack of Visual Studio 2010, so enjoy it, I’m already enjoying it. Just look for “Visual Studio 2010 Load Test Feature Pack Deployment Guide” on your MSDN Download Site and get the key and instructions to enable it.

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