[Event] Testing in agile teams with Visual Studio 2010

When we talk about testing in agile environments, we quickly think about unit testing, integration testing, or some more code-level tests, of course, there are teams that already use tools like Selenium, or Cucumber for more functional testing, but doesn’t cover so well al the test cycle.

Recently, with Team Foundation Server 2010, and Visual Studio 2010, we have new tools which cover more scenarios about testing applications, from a functional point of view.

All based in the agile principles we will take a look on how to use the tools in agile teams, taking a look at agile testing concepts like automatize, or the testing quadrants from Brian Marick.

Starting from one of the nearest to agile concepts applied to testing with the exploratory testing, we will learn how to use the tools run the tests and promote communication with the developers with the actionable bugs with rich information for developers, even discovering how developers code changes affects our tests.

We will review how Coded UI tests will help us in the process of automatize the testing effort, so we can go more agile while testing.

At last we will see how to automatize our build-deploy-test cycle with Lab Management, so we can get quicker deliverance of software.

With my new job in Testhouse (well maybe this is topic for another post), as Microsoft ALM Division Manager, I will be the responsible of driving this conference.

And when will this be? it will be on Thursday 9th, in Madrid, during the ALM Sessions 2011, which this year is shared with the Cloud Day, so if you happen to be in Madrid this day, maybe you are interested in coming to see how to do this, you can register and see more info here:


It will be on the second track, from 11:30 to 13:30.

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