[TFS2010] Change the default action to “Associate” during check-in

Surely many of which you use TFS 2010, and you have the good habit of associating Work Items during the check-in, you have asked more than once if the default action, which is now "Resolve" the Work Item, you can switch to simply "Associate" because many times, with a single check-in, is not enough to close a task or whatever reason is in your case.

Well this is already possible with Team Foundation Server 2010 and Visual Studio 2010, and only need to change the registry key ResolveAsDefaultCheckinAction found in HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ VisualStudio \ 10.0 \ TeamFoundation \ SourceControl \ Behavior, set it to False, and problem solved in the next check-in, when associated with a Work Item, see how now the default action is "associate" instead of "Resolve".

This must be done on any computer with Visual Studio 2010 in which we want this behavior, since it is at the client, not server.

Via: http://www.edsquared.com/2010/11/17/Set+Associate+To+Default+Action+Instead+Of+Resolved+For+TFS+Work+Item+Changeset+Associations.aspx

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