Who am I and what I pretend here

Hello you all, so, if you arrived to this blog, and you only speak English, you will be asking, who is this guy?, I have been writing here for some time, and now I have decided to start writing in English (I have also Spanish blog here).

So, my name is Luis Fraile, and I am a Spanish software developer enthusiast and Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio ALM . so far, I have been  in the software development industry for about 12 years, working as software developer, project manager, trainer, coffe-maker, and so on.

Currently I am a freelancer around Visual Studio ALM, and agile methodologies in general,  so if you are interested you can even contract me, hehe.

Of course my main interests are around it, so you will read here about Team Foundation Server, Visual studio tools, and agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban. I am very pragmatic however, I firmly believe there are no silver bullets in software development, no tool, no methodology, nothing at all works for all environments, or all teams, so we need to have a creative and critical thinking about everything we learn, and I also think we must always learn for everyone we meet, and for every experience we have.

More or less this is what I do, and what I will write here about, if it is of your interest, great, I really appreciate it.

And now … let’s start.

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