[TFSService] Starting to work with Team Foundation Server Service Preview

As sure many of you have already seen, in Build Windows, it has been taught the new Foundation Service Team Preview, aKa TFS in Azure.

For that you have been lucky enough to have an invitation, we will make a brief summary of where to start.

The first thing to remember is that although with some differences, amounts to a Team Foundation Server as we are used to seeing so far in its 2010 version though.

Upon receipt of the invitation and have created your account (you need an invitation and a Live ID), a URL will be: http:// [whatever]. Tfspreview.com, this is the url that we use to connect to our service in the cloud, and start working, and the URL you use to connect to our TFS Service Preview

When you finish creating your account, it enters that url automatically in the administration section

Team Foundation Server Service Administration

From this screen, the first thing we do is create a Project Team to start working which, incidentally, I love the interface Metro, we’re going to see throughout the implementation of Team Foundation Server Service. To create the project simply press the Create project team.

As a Team Foundation Server today, we asked the project name you want, description, and staff, who are also new and we can choose between:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2.0 – Preview 1
  • Microsoft MSF for Agile Software Development 6.0 – Preview 1
  • Microsoft MSF for CMMI Process Improvement – Preview 1

Creating Team Foundation Server Service project

After creating the project, we can move to connect with our Visual Studio 2010 (or version 11 if you have already downloaded)

Before connecting to our project, we must keep in mind one thing, with Fountadion Server Service Team Preview, we will use Live ID account to connect, something that is not ready Visual Studio 2010, so we have to download additional software.

This software will be found in our Service Management Service Team Foundation Server Preview, to access, if you have closed the web, we enter http:// [whatever]. Tfspreview.com, and click on the link above to Administration right.

In the third option we see the link to download the software you need, just simple click, and download for Visual Studio 2010, will need Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010 and the hotfix KB2581206.

Once downloaded and installed, we opened our Visual Studio 2010, the connection procedure is always the same (menu option Connect to Team Foundation Server Team …).

Adding the Team Foundation Server Service Server Preview to those available, you have to put [whatever].tfspreview.com and take care selecting SSL connection, so the resulting URL is: https://[whatever].tfspreview.com/tfs

Connection to Team Foundation Server Service

By connecting what is going to ask? for an account with Live ID that has permissions on this project in Team Foundation Server to start working.

Login Team Foundation Server Service Preview

Terms of connectivity and see that we have a Team Project Collection, and the project we created available on our Team Explorer to start the game working with Team Foundation Server Service Preview …

A difference you can see, and that is because it is a cloud service (and especially Preview) is that we do not have Sharepoint and Reporting, and we only have our beloved Work Items, Source Control and Team Build (and I speak of the latter later).

Team Explorer TFS Service Preview

And as you can see, our TFS is now on tfspreview.com

And from this point, and if time and conditions permit, I hope to go away by making introductions to this new little wonder that we have available.

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