[Slides] Testing in agile teams with Microsoft Test Manager 2010

I hope all the people who came to my session where happy with it, the fact is that all demos worked perfectly, and there were so many people, I’m happy with it, lot of interest around MTM.

Tha bad thing … the event was late in time, and they “inserted” another 10 minutes session (I won’t say anything about this fact, sorry), so our 2h session, ended with only 1h15m, so I didn’t have time to show all the slides and finish the complete demo as slow as I wanted.

But anyway, we are happy with it, and we are happy to announce we are planning a deep dive workshop about Microsoft Test Manager and Lab Management 2010, we will announce the dates soon.

And well, here you have the slides, published in our Testhouse Slideshare:

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