Work Items bulk edit with templates on VSTS

There are some occasions in which you need to apply the same changes to multiple Work Items, not only once, but several times during a project, for sure most of you already know the edit selected items feature, with several Work Items selected, just right click and select edit (sorry I had to protect the […]

Roll-out deployments with Visual Studio Team Services Deployment Groups

Disclosure: This post assumes you are familiar with Team Build and Release Management Recently Microsoft announced Deployment Groups Preview for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). Until now, if you were using the latest version of Release Management, the only option for deployments are the agent-less option, referring for the no need for an agent on […]

Test and feedback extension

Earlier in October Microsoft announced General Availability for the Test and Feedback extension for Google Chrome (and yes, there is no Edge version yet). This extension was previously called Exploratory Testing Extension, if you already tried it before. I have been using this extension with some customers since early versions, and sincerely after seen how […]

Code Search extension for VSTS and Team Foundation Server “15”

VRecently Microsoft put as Generally Available a very interesting extension in the Visual Studio Marketplace, the Code Search extension. Install it on your VSTS is as simple as go to the previous link and click install, then select the Visual Studio Team Services account in which you want to install the extension, of course you […]

La importancia del trato al cliente … (y el boca a boca)

Aqua con un poco de restraso (quería haberlo hecho durante la semana), hago una pequeña reflexión, y es que muchas veces, aún dando toda la importancia a nivel de negociación que se merecen nuestros clientes, el trato se convierte en una mera negociación, y como en todo esto, y como siempre digo, trabajamos con personas, […]